14 October 2010

Hawaii - Day 1: Eats and Beach

We flew into the airport at Kona mid-morning. After getting our car, we went straight to the hotel to drop off our bags. Then, we were off to eat. This is the first picture we took. It was while we were seated at Huggo's on the Rocks. We had a delicious meal.

The food was great. We casually chatted with our waiter. Everything seemed to be moving slowly, and that was just fine for us. I think we sat down to eat for 90 minutes. For those with kids, you'll understand what a luxury this can be. It was relaxing and enjoyable. Afterward, we burned some time looking at the shops in the downtown section of Kailua. Picked up some sun screen (yes, we forgot that) and other necessities at the pharmacy. Then, it was time to check in at the hotel.

We stayed at the Keauhou Outrigger Resort. It isn't the fanciest hotel, but we really enjoyed the experience. We drove up, and the check-in counter greeted us - no walls, no doors - just a greeting. Our hotel room had a view of the bay. It was wonderful to keep the doors open all night, listening to the waves beat against the shore. Also, the resort is built next to (and to a point, on top of) ancient Hawaiian ruins. But, probably the best part was the best off beach snorkeling at the big island was at the adjoining beach.

After we got settled in, Laura and I headed with the snorkeling gear to the beach. We snorkeled together. That was really fun. Laura and I both enjoy swimming, and it was neat to be able to hold hands and look at cool fish. I know, it's a bit corny, but, hey, it was our first vacation since having kids. We enjoyed the corny moments. Oh, here's another one. Since we weren't in a hurry to get do much of anything, we laid down in the hammocks at the hotel and just enjoyed the view together.

We went to dinner at Lulu's. The food was good. The restaurant was decorated with money, which I resisted pulling off the walls. It seemed our waiter would have preferred to be somewhere else that night.

During dinner, I was exhausted. I don't think I had slept the night before the flight. After the meal, we went back to the hotel to sleep. It was nice not to have to get the kids in the bath, make sure homework was done, etc... We just went to bed.

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