22 January 2008

our unhappy son

Yes, here is our son in his unusual fussy state--yes, I see he's smiling but he just hasn't been himself lately

Ben has had 3 ear infections in the last 4 weeks. I thought this last one wasn't getting any better because he still seemed fussy after 3 days on antibiotics. The other day I was feeding him and noticed a tooth! It doesn't seem like much in this picture and if I took a picture today it would look much bigger but here it is: (on the bottom front right)
This is much earlier than our two daughters. They didn't get teeth until about the middle of their 8th month. Ben is now in his sixth month. So I wasn't expecting this to be a reason for fussiness. Hopefully soon he'll be back to his regular self.


  1. I loved your Christmas card. I'm friends with Michelle Nemson on facebook and she told me to tell you hi. Your little Benjamin is a doll!

  2. yay for teeth!! Benjamin just got his first two this week.