12 January 2008

Last Saturday in the Bay Area

This is it. Our last Saturday in the Bay Area. We did our best to keep busy.

Grandma & Grandpa took Abigail & Collette to the Sunnyvale farmer's market. Abigail noted she picked out her own bread. I believe she was referring to the delicious cinnamon bread brought home. Also, Grandma got them some kettle corn they snacked on during the car ride to our next event.

We went to the Winchester Mystery house. Collette & Abigail really got into it. Collette humored the tour guide with 'ooo, spooky' comments as we looked at the staircase that went to nowhere. Abigail loved the 1.5" low rising stairs, and when I was carrying Abigail up one flight, she made me put her down - and she raced back to the bottom so that she could climb the rest of the flight up.

After the tour, we raced to relax at Beth and Jared's. Family gathered, and we had a nice time chatting with everyone. It was very comfortable (my favorite feeling), and we enjoyed discussing all sorts of topics (water damage, taxes, payroll, computers, dodgeball, rites of passage, and so on).

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