27 December 2007

Homestead 76

My sister is getting screwed from the 76 on Homestead & 85. They said total payment under $125. Isn't this illegal? Watch out for these shenanigans.

Update: Korynne got an update from the mechanic and has worked things out. She's happier with the service, but still paid the $$ on the work order. I've included some information about the legality of proper estimates from garages below. If Korynne had gotten the written estimate, this misunderstanding would have been avoided. Oh, and it isn't clear from the picture (grrr, cell phone camera), but she paid over $200.

From the Bureau of Automotive Repair: A Consumer's Guide to Auto Repair.

Giving Your Authorization

No work can be done until you receive an estimate and authorize the repairs by signing a written estimate or work order.

If the technician later determines that additional work will cost more than the original estimate, the additional work may not be done without your consent. Someone from the shop must contact you, describe the additional work and associated costs, and get your permission to proceed.

If you give verbal authorization over the telephone - for instance by saying, "Okay, go ahead" - the shop may proceed with the work, but they must make a notation...

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