20 December 2007

Car for sale

Today, I felt like I rode to work on a horse - a greasy horse.

Am I selling you yet? Also, I felt a little like Alan Alda riding the dusty hills of Southern California. But I was on 85 driving in wet weather.

My pants are now greasy and my shirt is wet, but I made it into work.

As an aside, Collette busted her lip and chipped her tooth while we were waiting at the airport. Collette looks so bruised from the scatches on her face (from Abigail) and hands (a cat) to her busted chin (Abigail again) and rash around the mouth (pacifier?).


  1. Joel,
    What happened to grandpa's truck? Leaving it for your better half, maybe?
    Amusing comments this am. Nicki and I are looking forward to spending time with the girls.

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  3. That sounds so adventurous but I am not at all jealous. sorry i'm not sold. :) Have so much fun on your trip.