11 April 2012

Bringing down the deck

While the kids went with Beth, Alex and Nate to Chuck E Cheese, I stayed home and removed the rotted deck that sits outside our master bedroom. Hopefully, we'll get it replaced in a few weeks.
Unfortunately, the work kinda wiped me out. But I'm glad it is finally done. The wood was totally rotted. It was the first thing we were supposed to do after moving in. We're finally getting around to fixing some of this stuff.
My biggest fear in taking down the deck was having it fall into the house and breaking our sliding glass door. Abigail, watching from afar just told me to wack it with a sledge hammer. That worked without issue (after I removed most of the attachment to the house). Abigail was pretty proud of telling me what to do, predicting the outcome. 
I had to finish some of this on Thursday with the last trip to the dump Friday morning.

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