19 September 2010

Hit me. In the face. One more time.

Because, as parents, we allow our children to watch violent media (think Kung Fu Panda), they'll often engage in 'karate' matches to get their wiggles out before bed. There's only one rule - no one is allowed to get hurt. That rule isn't always followed, but they do actually try. And, sometimes I worry Abigail is being a little more aggressive than Collette or Benjamin. However, they had a good time jumping, off of chairs and toy boxes, into battle. I made them do some poses below. Collette said it was hard to hold her foot in the air. Abigail practices her in the mirror. And Benjamin has his tongue.

Going into this fist fight, Abigail had two loose teeth. After some fighting, she stops the action and says, "I think my tooth is bleeding!" I look, reassuring her all is well, because her tooth fell out. We had to scour the floor to find the tooth. Luckily, Laura found it so Abigail could exchange it for some cash from the tooth fairy.

Abigail was so excited. She's doesn't like to pull the teeth early, because of the pain. Apparently, Collette punched her in the mouth while playing, and the tooth fell out. Now, Abigail is talking about how she wants Collette to keep hitting her in the face so that the opposite tooth will come out too. It's a bit strange to hear her say things "I'm so happy Collette hit me," and "maybe she can hit me more in the face."


  1. That's awesome. Way to give some sisterly love Colette!

  2. That is so funny! Congrats to Abigail on losing a tooth.

  3. Funny! You make me laugh. How are you?

  4. We just took a trip to the city, and Laura thought she saw your husband, almost called out your name, and then saw him with another woman (gasp!). A twin, perhaps?