20 March 2009

Abigail Makes Dinner

Laura went to a book club/dinner with her sister-in-laws. Collette, Benjamin, and I were outside playing. When I can inside Abigail had a bowl in her hand and was pulling leftovers out of the fridge. She decide to make us dinner. She got the pasta and wanted to put it in bowls and microwave it for us. She did (with my help) get it hot in the microwave. She set the table and decided where each of us were to sit. I'm proud that she took the initiative, showing independence and a desire to serve by making us dinner.

Hooray Abigail!


  1. See, she is Mommy's helper. Or Dad's in this case, I guess

  2. That's fantastic. I'm a horrible mom. Truman has wanted to help with dinner on several occasions and I've told him no. I don't like to share my kitchen!!

  3. That is so sweet. What a great kid. We miss you guys.