22 February 2009


Abigail has a plastic toy which looks like an iPod. She calls it her iPhone.

Let me make this clear: it isn't an iPhone, and I don't plan to buy my kids phones for the next few years. More than one person has acted surprised when they over hear her playing and ask us if we bought her an iPhone - including my mother-in-law.

Not only has Abigail been watching movies, listening to music, and playing games on her iPhone (again, for pretend) - she's also bought us clothes. She's got it down:

How old are you dad?* What color pants do you want? Click - I bought it. It will come in the mail.

She did this over & over yesterday. And today, she continues to take pictures with her 'phone.' Kids really are immersed in technology. I'm sure my parents thought the same when I was young. But Abigail already gets that the ideal shopping experience is having some basic information, she can enter it into a phone and have it shipped to our house in one click.

*I suspect she asks my age as childrens' clothes are sized by age (24 months, 3T, etc...).


  1. My kids use my iPhone more than I do it feels like. They're always playing games on it or watching downloaded shows or listening to music. One of Oli's favorite things to do is play in the maps app. He places the pin all over the place.
    Our kids don't need their own since they are on mine so much.

  2. just wanted to let you know that our blog has changed!