07 August 2005

The interview

As I said in my last post there was a mad dash to get on a plane for my job interview. It was a short flight from Tucson to LA, with a long car drive from LAX to Thousand Oaks. But most of the car ride was along the beach or in the hills altogether scenic which took the edge off the shuttle trip.

The next morning, at the hotel I was greeted by the hiring manager with whom I had the phone interview. He drove me over to the company site and we sat down to have my first of several face to face interviews that day. He seems convinced I would do a good job. He pointed out his supervisor’s names on the itinerary and stated that I had to convince them if I were to get the job. Okay, no problem, I hope.

After a quick tour of the company I met with another project manager. He discusses his project and how he also has an opening that I might make a good fit. That’s good news, now there’s two positions I might qualify for. I had two other interviews with other project managers and then went to lunch with three research associates (the same type of position I’m applying for). The food was excellent and the conversation good during lunch. The restaurant is called The Fin and I enjoyed the Ahi I ordered. All four of us also shared a delicious ganache fondue. Lunch went a little long and we returned late. My next meeting was with the director of human resources. It seemed to go well. The vice-president of the company (a former UA professor) was supposed to also visit with me, but I was bumped off his schedule. I hope that’s okay. He was one of the people I was supposed to convince. After more interviews with most of the same questions, I met with Steve, the other guy I needed to impress to get the job. It seemed like it went well and he even looked at possible housing for me in the area (I assume that’s a good sign).

My trip home was uneventful and I left feeling excited about moving back to California. The shuttle drove back to the airport passing the famous beaches of that area and I pined to be out there on a surf board waiting for the waves to peak. Maybe soon…