02 July 2009

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!

Yes, just two days after we got home we needed a reason to celebrate again! So, we had a very small party for Ben's 2 year birthday. He was pretty funny about his birthday. All day long Joel and I kept wishing him a Happy Birthday and he would get mad at us and yell, "NO!!!!!" I'm not sure why he felt like turning two was so traumatic for him. In the end, however, he came around and smiled when the cake came out and we sang to him. He finally smiled and he loves saying he's 2 when asked his age. It makes him giggle. Here are a couple pics from his birthday and a few for fun with his new brother.

Here he is playing with his best friend and favorite cousin, Izzy. They played tea party to celebrate his birthday

Grandma Headley made Ben a cake so I didn't have to do anything for his birthday. It was such a great cake to look at and DELICIOUS!! Thanks, Grandma!

The truck that Grandma and Grandpa gave him has been a big hit. He loves playing with trucks he can push around~reminds me of his cousin Hyrum!

And here are just a couple pictures of Ben enjoying his new brother. We love you, Ben. Hope you're not too upset that you've turned 2!!


  1. Such a sweet big brother. Happy birthday Ben!

  2. I know that this is a post about Ben's birthday (Happy Birthday Ben!), but seeing Gabriel snuggled there so peaceful and small made me tear up.

  3. My daughter and Ben have the same birthday...along with the iphone =) It's so fun keeping up with you guys on here...you have a beautiful family!!

  4. Ben is so cute and I can tell Gabriel is as well, what a darling family you have. 2 is a hard age for me, enjoy 4 kids, it really is a handful, but you are amazing, you'll be awesome!

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind words. Rahul, you prove that I'm not the only one that gets teared up at this stuff. Erin, it's good to hear from you - hope all is well.